Are You Being Investigated For A White Collar Crime?

A conviction for a serious financial crime at the federal level — extortion, embezzlement, money laundering are just a few examples — can have equally severe consequences for your reputation and future.

Personally and professionally, you would be ruined. Your professional practice or private business may close while you are imprisoned. Substantial fines would harm your finances. Your criminal record as a felon would be merely the tip of the iceberg.

You need a skillful, strategic criminal defense lawyer on your side. In Virginia and the Southeast U.S., the law firm that aggressively protects your rights is Eads & Eads, Attorney at Law, in Abingdon.

Randall C. Eads knows his way around federal courtrooms. He uses case preparation, insightful investigation and persuasive negotiation tactics to eloquently tell your side of the story to the judge and jury.

Experienced, Effective White Collar Crimes Defense In Federal Courts

Among the many kinds of serious federal criminal charges that our law firm handles are:

  • Tax evasion
  • Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Wire, mail and securities fraud

One of the top five things you need to do, if you are being investigated for a white collar offense, is to retain representation that has a stellar track record of success — and we do. Your initial consultation with Randall C. Eads can be arranged by phone at 276-477-5824. We can also schedule a meeting by email message.