About Eads & Eads, Attorney at Law

The Abingdon, Virginia, criminal defense law firm of Eads & Eads, Attorney at Law, was established to protect the rights of those facing serious life-changing federal criminal charges.

Among our distinguished partners, founder Randall A. Eads has diligently served clients for more than 40 years, building a reputation for excellence in the practice of personal injury, real estate, estate law and a variety of civil matters.

Randall C. Eads has been licensed to practice law in Virginia, Tennessee and Mississippi since 2008. He regularly appears in state and federal courts to represent a range of criminal law clients. He is also the City Attorney for the city of Bristol, Virginia.

Eads & Eads, Attorney at Law, excels at the skillful handling of white collar crime and drug cases, tax evasion and money laundering, conspiracy, health care and Medicaid fraud, bank fraud and weapons violations, to the benefit of their clients.

Eads & Eads, Attorney At Law — Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Protect Your Rights In Federal Courts

We are proud of our proven abilities to negotiate with government prosecutors and aggressively advocate before judges and juries. Our quality legal services include exhaustive case preparation, evidence collection and analysis, effective litigation strategies and persuasive presentations.

Have you been charged for a federal crime anywhere in the I-81 corridor or the territory encompassing Abingdon to Roanoke? If so, you should be in touch with our criminal defense law office immediately. Randall C. Eads can discuss your legal issues honestly and thoroughly in an initial consultation. Call 276-477-5824 or send an email message.